Our Company

We create locally inspired, natural beauty products for the hair and. Our formulas are infused with the vibrant energy of the botanical ingredients sourced from local farms and beekeepers here in Vermont.

Each of our formulations has its beginnings in aromatherapy; a scent creates an emotion or a memory which corresponds with a color (which is reflected in our labels). That feeling and scent is strengthened by the herbal infusions specifically chosen to reinforce the sensation. With most of our herbs coming from local Vermont growers, we use the freshest and most potent herbal infusions possible. Our original herbal pairings go beyond the everyday offerings for hair and body care.

At Flourish, we follow an unconventional path with our scent and herbal combinations that evoke the authentic aromas of the natural world and nourish your hair and skin.


Our Ingredients

Aside from our Vermont-farmed and wild-crafted ingredients, we rely on organic oils and butters to create our recipes. Ingredients like coconut, olive, argan and cane sugars grow best in tropical or Mediterranean climates. When we have to source our raw materials from ara, we place an emphasis on finding fair trade and certified organic ingredients.

Some of our other ingredients arrive to us after being processed in a laboratory. These would include our cleansers, preservatives and emulsifiers. In this case, we follow EcoCert guidelines to choose the safest and most effective ingredients.


free of blueOur promise to you is to take care of your body and the planet with our products. We do this by:

  • limiting our impact on the earth by keeping our batches small and handmade
  • incorporating organic ingredients; supporting our local community
  • creating products we want to use on ourselves and on our children!
Our product lines include shampoo, conditioner, sugar body polish, lip balm, body lotions, body cremes, shea butter balm, and body mist.  All are available on our online shop.