DSC_5531Hi, I’m Kirsten Connor.

Originally I began making products just for me and my sensitive skin.

I wanted to have as few ingredients as possible and as many scents as I could imagine. I would sit for hours playing with different essential oil combinations and after some time I noticed that certain scents would match with a corresponding color. That was the inspiration behind our rainbow of label colors and our inspiring scent palette.

I’m a huge fan of balms. They are a no frills way to deliver a dose of butters and oils to your skin. But I love the more sophisticated feel of a crème or a lotion too! I wanted to create body care with fewer ingredients because fewer ingredients=higher potency. Smaller batches means more control over the process of blending, creating and packaging. Herbs are steeped(slowly), oils heated gently to retain nutrients, mixing/blending and cooling happens slowly. It’s a true “slow apothecary” process.



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Our Ingredients

Aside from our Vermont-farmed and wild-crafted ingredients, we rely on organic oils and butters to create our recipes.

Flourish Natural Body Care ingredients

Ingredients like coconut, olive, argan and cane sugars grow best in tropical or Mediterranean climates. When we have to source our raw materials from afar, we place an emphasis on finding fair trade and certified organic ingredients.

Some of our other ingredients arrive to us after being processed in a laboratory. These would include our cleansers, preservatives and emulsifiers. In this case, we follow EcoCert guidelines to choose the safest and most effective ingredients.


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