NiHao New York-Flourish Review

Aside from a love for the world of Green Beauty, Tricia the lovely face behind NiHao New York is a world wide traveler. Originally from Singapore, she has a love of exploring and returning to reconnect with places that have been important to her. Living in NewYork City, she shares her favorite museum exhibits and […]

A green sea turtle swims over the coral gardens of Apo Island.
This Marine Protected Area (MPA) was destroyed by Typhoon Pablo in December 2012. An increase in extreme weather events is one of the predicted effects of climate change. Greenpeace is in Apo island as part its Philippine leg of the Ocean Defenders Tour of South East Asia".

Glass Bottles vs. Plastic

What’s with the turtle? This got my attention on the Greenpeace website because it really gives you a sympathetic connection to the plastic pollution issue. I’m not sure if you have strong feelings about the environmental impact of glass vs. plastic but I definitely do. Over the past few months I have followed quite a few […]