What’s in Our Products?

With so much information being fired at you on an everyday basis it’s easy to be confused about the ingredients in your body care. When we are at events talking to people about Flourish, many people’s first impulse is to ask “There isn’t any of that bad stuff in it, is there? Like sodium laurel something? Or preservatives?”

I think what they really want to know is “Is this a safe, effective product made by a company I can trust?”

One of the things we have done to help with identifying our ingredients is our Free Of symbol.

free of blueWe put it on every bottle and jar to let you know that part of our mission is to keep our products free of ingredients that we know are harmful.

How is Flourish Different?

What really sets Flourish apart is that we create formulas using simple ingredients.  We started in our farmhouse kitchen-not a laboratory to make beautiful and effective hair and body care. We are the ONLY producers in all of New England to make shampoos and conditioners like this! If you are committed to buying your food locally please think about what you are nourishing your skin with on a daily basis as well! Almost all of the national brands of personal care products you buy (even in Co-ops and Health Food stores) are often produced in California or South Carolina in huge factories and shipped all over the country. These shampoos  have lots of preservatives and are mass produced to sit on store shelves.

Flourish Natural Body Care is committed to keeping our batches small which keeps our products fresh and limits our impact on the environment. We only use organic and EcoCert approved ingredients because we use these products on ourselves and our children. All of our body and hair care has been formulated without allergens and environmental sensitivities such as tree nuts, palm oil, soy and gluten (*with the exception on our Honey Blossom and Patchouli Tangerine shampoos and conditioners which contain hydrolyzed wheat protein for added body).

If you ever have a questions about our products or ingredients don’t hesitate to contact us.


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Essential Oils in Hair and Skincare Products


What is an Essential Oil?

An essential oil is a highly concentrated, chemically complex substance which is derived from the flowers, leaves, wood, fruits, seeds and roots of plants.  It is totally natural in origin.  These oils are captured by expression, distillation or solvent extraction.

Anyone who has enjoyed a tangerine or grapefruit in the middle of  winter has experienced the power of aromatherapy.  Squeezing the fruit and breaking the skin releases the scent and oil from the many oil glands covering the fruit.  Further peeling leaves an oily film which sometimes discolors  your fingers.  Every time you bring another piece of fruit up to your mouth you experience that scent again and again.

Not so with a strawberry.  When you put your nose close to a warm bowl of ripe strawberries and inhale, you smell a sweet, delicious aroma.  If you squeeze a strawberry it has a smell, but that scent will not linger in quite the same way as citrus.  While strawberries are sweet, they do not have the same powerful oil glands of citrus fruits.  To capture that scent would require a complex extraction as is usually reserved for the most fragile flowers.

How are Essential Oils Made?

The majority of essential oils are produced by steam distillation, where the plant material is steamed at high pressure and the water vapor is rich in essential oil which is then separated.  It takes 5 tons of rose petals-all of which must be fresh and hand picked-to produce 2 pounds of the essential oil.

The many ways scents affect us are as complex as the essences themselves.  Some oils stimulate and intoxicate the senses; others are calming and sedative.  Peeling that citrus fruit does more than produce a smell.  It  also produces a feeling.  The feelings that essential oils  elicit and their sophisticated molecular structure is something that is still being studied, but this reason alone presents a strong argument for using natural products rather than their chemical counterparts.

This is why we use essential oils for all of our scents.


Cocoa Butter vs. Coconut Oil

Which would you choose? Rich silky cocoa butter or nourishing velvety coconut oil?  That was our dilemma when choosing the ingredients for our moisturizers.  So we use both: a decadent cocoa butter-based body crème and a light coconut oil-focused lotion.

Cocoa Butter

Cocoa Butter is the fat extracted from the cocoa bean, also called cacao bean-one of the primary ingredients in chocolate.  It is the ingredient that gives chocolate a rich, silky feel. Cocoa butter is one of the most stable highly saturated fats and it has a melting point of 98.6 degrees so it absorbs into the skin immediately. An excellent moisturizer, cocoa butter is full of natural antioxidants and the high fat content keeps your skin feeling nourished for hours.

Coconut Oil

coconuts drying for coconut oil

Drying Coconuts for Coconut Oil, Photo From Wikipedia

Coconut oil is a powerful moisturizer that is beneficial for restoring dry or flaky skin.  It naturally contains the antioxidant Vitamin E as well as three fatty acids that keep skin healthy: capric acid, lauric acid, and caprilic acid.  It also melts at skin temperature for quick absorption and has a very light and soft velvety after feel.

Which to Choose?

While there are so many beautiful exotic ingredients out there to choose from, we wanted to avoid using unnecessary ingredients.  Our goal for our moisturizers was to have the main ingredient shine. We found that the cocoa butter added so much richness to the body crème that we wanted everyone to experience that melting silky sensation in spreadable form. It felt like dessert

On the other hand, the coconut oil felt like more of an everyday nutritious treat you could have over and over without ever feeling like you’ve overindulged, so that is in our body lotion. We loved the feel of the coconut oil so much that we also use it as the main ingredient in our sugar body polish.  It was the natural choice for suspending the sugar and provides just the right amount of moisturizing during the exfoliation process.  Plus it rinses off perfectly leaving your skin glowing!

Note: Now through March 14th, you can receive 30% off all sugar body polishes!

Why Our Shampoo is Different

Ever wonder why our shampoo is so different?

When I first began creating Flourish Natural Body Care’s shampoo formula years ago the most important things for me was that the formula be effective and safe.

There were already lots of natural hair care brands out there that promised no sodium lauryl sulfate (the worst ingredient at the time) but natural shampoos had a reputation at the time for not sudsing or cleaning effectively.  Sure, I felt better about my bottle of shampoo from the Health Food Store, but I wasn’t happy with my hair.

My first attempts at making shampoo started with our liquid soap to which I added great ingredients (jojoba oil, glycerin, essential oils) for disastrous results.   My hair felt coated and heavy but frizzed up at the middle and ends.   The problem is that gentle liquid soap has unsaponified oils and glycerine in it which is nourishing for your skin but heavy on your hair.shampoo_conditioner-simple-slider-896x300

I began to research the cleansing ingredients in natural shampoos to see how they worked.  I also wondered which other ingredients were the most effective…How much awapui was actually in this bottle and did it really do anything to my hair?

What Ingredients are Important?

I started to do some investigating and it became clear that the ingredients that are most necessary to effective shampoo is the cleanser, vitamin B (panthenol) which is very necessary for healthy skin and hair, and proteins.  We played around with different recipes and it became clear that different cleansers foamed differently and cleaned differently and had different pH levels.  We worked on coming up with the right combination of cleansers for a really balanced, gentle lather and rinse.  To that formula we added the vitamin B and the proteins.

Our first recipe, Honey Blossom, was modeled on my favorite shampoo growing up; Faberge Organics Shampoo-with the wheat germ oil and honey.  So to our first recipe we added pure Vermont honey and lots of wheat protein which is known to add thickness and body to hair.  The Honey Blossom is still our top selling shampoo today.

A short time after creating our original formula I began noticing that many people were inquiring if there was wheat in any of our products?  I had always formulated our body care with allergy and ingredient sensitivity in mind-avoiding nut oils and keeping a low ratio of ingredients for really pure products.  I felt that I needed to do the same for our hair care.  In omitting the wheat protein and increasing the silk protein we all felt a noticeable difference in the overall effect on our hair.

Each Scent Makes a Different Shampoo

The Lavender Mint and Lemongrass varieties with just the silk protein and vitamins felt very light and a bit more slippery.  Meanwhile, the Patchouli Tangerine and Honey Blossom felt richer and thicker.  More testing and feedback from our product testing friends honed in on the differences even more….honey reduces lather but is super gentle and nourishing; patchouli is a very moisturizing skin and hair care oil so the scent is very grounding and calming;  the lavender mint feels light and silky and the essential oils are soothing yet tingly; lemongrass essential oil is a super cleanser and I’ve had several people say that they feel like it lathers a bit more than the others.

Whatever your haircare needs are, we created a formula just for you. Whether your hair is coarse, fine, curly, frizzy, stick straight, color treated, short or long we’ve developed our hair care with you in mind.  All of these recipes were originally developed in our Vermont farmhouse kitchen with understandable ingredients.

We make hair and body care beautiful, simple, and effective.