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If you’ve been transitioning to natural personal care products for any period of time, you may be wondering if it’s possible to find natural hair care products that actually work. Well, I’ll let you in on a little secret: they do exist! Now if you’re thinking, ‘It’s just hair care products, I’m not rubbing them […]

Flourish Hair Care You guys may remember a few months ago when I introduced you to this all natural brand from Vermont and I couldn’t get enough of their unique scents! Flourish won me over fast with their body wash, lotions and more, and I was eager to try more from them. At the time, […]

Finding a nontoxic shampoo that ACTUALLY CLEANS my hair has been a struggle. The struggle is real, you know it, I know it and every no poo-er out there knows it because that is last and final stop on this journey to nontoxic living – throwing in the towel and giving up shampoo all together. […]

Green Beauty Bloggers get inundated with requests for reviews, and to be fair, nobody likes to take a chance on having a bad hair day, so we were thrilled when we connected with Ashley Bernier of Green Bunny Video to try our styling products. Ashley is down to earth, super glam and incredibly funny all […]

“This shampoo is awesome!  Plain and simple.  Can I be honest?  Whenever I get sent a natural shampoo and conditioner my hopes aren’t very high.  It’s hard to come by a good natural shampoo that performs.  Well, this shampoo did not disappoint!”  Suzi covers the full spectrum of healthy living and does Podcasts with a naturopath […]