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Parched indoor air, frigid outdoor temps, hats and scarves creating friction and all the static that builds up can really take it’s toll on your hair. Dry hair happens when it can’t retain enough moisture so it begins to look brittle and dull. The cuticle is open and the structure is deteriorated so it tends to look dry and dullsplit and tangle easily or gets super static and flat and clings to your face. Messy bun or being very committed to your hat becomes the go to look for winter.

When the skin on your face gets dry you recognize it right away and get to work with a hydrosol, a serum and your favorite balm or oil to seal the moisture in. The same factors that make your skin tight and dry affect your hair too. So just as with your skin you need the water/hydrating element, a humectant to increase the water retention, and emollients like plant based oils and butters to lock water content in.

Plant based oils and butters alone can be just the thing for those with curly, thirsty hair but heavy for those with fine hair or those whose hair has been flattened by hats and static. Silicone oils like dimethicone mimic lighter plant oils but have no nutritive value for your hair. It coats your hair like saran wrap and seems to magically and weightlessly smooth but it degrades hair over time ultimately causing breakage. Originally developed as an engine lubricant during WWII, it is made to completely repel water so it one of the least biodegradable substances out there. Not good for the fish or our already heavily polluted waterways.

Water alone may not be your hair’s best friend either. Remember frizz and poof during the humid days of summer? But water with hair shining vitamins like panthenol and boosted with humectants (water attracters) like aloe, honey, sea salt and glycerin? Sounds hydrating. Soothing. Detangling. Nourishing. Shine enhancing. Plus it’s a leave-in product, as opposed to rinsing it out. So you can apply the beneficial ingredients when hair is wet and most porous. Then you can follow up again later to refresh and restyle when your hair has had a rough day out in the elements.

While winter is in full force these mists will leave your hair soft, fresh and tangle free. It’s the Winter Must Have for your hair!






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