Rosewood Infusion+Angelica Luxurious Hand+Body Wash


A luxurious blend of rosewood and black pepper essential oils paired with our fragrant angelica herbal infusion and skin loving vitamins and amino acids give your skin optimal nutrition from head to toe. Mild cleansers nurture the skin and leave it soft, supple and hydrated. A soft, silky, almost creamy lather finishes with a perfectly clean rinse in a spicy, flowery scent.

  • perfect for daily use in the shower or at the sink
  • follow with Rosewood Infusion+Angelica Luxurious Hand+Body Lotion to hydrate skin and layer your scent
  • Our Angelica infusion adds a robust and aromatic layer to our beautiful floral and black pepper essential oil blend
Cultivate Your Beauty, Inside and Out
Artisan hair and body care+aromatherapy+inspiration delivered to you.
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