We Are Clear About What Natural Means To Us.

We will never tell you that we are 100% Natural because we want to tell you the whole truth. While
we are purists at heart, our formulas are sophisticated and require the proper preservatives,
emulsifiers and cleansers to remain stable and effective.

We Produce In Small Batches.

We’ve researched, developed, experimented, and tested and are in charge of our own production
from start to finish. Many companies have an idea for a product and rely on someone else’s
formulating expertise while they focus on the marketing. This arrangement typically requires large
run batches to be cost effective. We like to make everything fresh!

Original Formulations.

These are our own recipes formulated completely from raw ingredients (without pre-made bases)
and wildflower infusions that we grow and harvest ourselves. That is why you’ve never experienced
anything like them before!

Balanced Formulas

Our goal is first, to treat your hair and skin gently. Second, to let each ingredient shine. Our
formulating philosophy really is that less is more so we limit the number of ingredients and keep
them as fresh as possible.

We Specialize In Skin and Hair

Starting out as soapmakers gave us a special perspective on how cleansers should feel and how
they work differently on your hair and skin. Before making the leap into hair care we concentrated
and perfected the consistency and potency of our lotions and crèmes which gave us the insight into
formulating styling products that perform.

It’s all about the feeling

The most outstanding aspect of our formulas are our aromatherapy blends. We go beyond the
everyday pairings and find that people are drawn to a particular scent because it conveys a feeling
and a mood. The wildflowers we have paired are the perfect accompaniment to enhance that