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Give your dry, itchy scalp a boost!

By now you know how much we love exfoliation! Sugar polish is our favorite solution for removing rough, dry and itchy skin that can prevent moisturizers from doing their job. But what is the answer when your hair+scalp is suffering from the same issue? The first thing you have to figure out is: Is your […]

multi-masking for your hair

What’s your winter hair type?  Many of us tend to look at our own hair with a critical eye and can come up with one word to define it: curly, straight, fine, dry, frizzy.  If we are looking for a way to fix these “problems” we can probably find the perfect styling product to smooth, volumize […]

The Best Moisturizing Ingredients for Hair

What are the best moisturizing ingredients for hair? If your answer is a nutritious plant based oil, guess again. It’s a hard point to get across, but just as is the case with skin care, adding nourishing plant based oils alone to your hair care routine is not always the answer. Especially if your hair […]

Our Mists Help Smooth, Soothe and Style-Silicone Free!

Parched indoor air, frigid outdoor temps, hats and scarves creating friction and all the static that builds up can really take it’s toll on your hair. Dry hair happens when it can’t retain enough moisture so it begins to look brittle and dull. The cuticle is open and the structure is deteriorated so it tends […]

Conscious Hair & Skincare

  Our hair & skincare is for the sophisticated purist who wants to consciously choose products that are made with integrity and beautifully layered with aromatherapy, organic ingredients and wildflower infusions. We feel very confident in saying that purity is our reason for being. When you are a purist, you go the extra mile to […]

What Are You Looking For In an Organic Shampoo?

For some people, “organic” or “natural” shampoos have been their last product holdout on their Green Beauty journey. What motivates you to try different brands of “natural” or “organic” shampoos? Is it that you struggle with dry scalp and hair? That you feel that maybe your shampoo gets overzealous while cleansing and causes your scalp […]

Healthfully Hannah: Natural Hair Care That Actually Works!

If you’ve been transitioning to natural personal care products for any period of time, you may be wondering if it’s possible to find natural hair care products that actually work. Well, I’ll let you in on a little secret: they do exist! Now if you’re thinking, ‘It’s just hair care products, I’m not rubbing them […]

How Does Honey Blossom Compare with Lavender Mint? Molly from Maison Pur Tells You!

Flourish Hair Care You guys may remember a few months ago when I introduced you to this all natural brand from Vermont and I couldn’t get enough of their unique scents! Flourish won me over fast with their body wash, lotions and more, and I was eager to try more from them. At the time, […]

Finding a Non-Toxic Shampoo That Really Cleans Has Been a Struggle-Struggle No More!

Finding a nontoxic shampoo that ACTUALLY CLEANS my hair has been a struggle. The struggle is real, you know it, I know it and every no poo-er out there knows it because that is last and final stop on this journey to nontoxic living – throwing in the towel and giving up shampoo all together. […]

Our Tried and True Haircare Tips for Gorgeous, Healthy Hair

Our philosophy is that one size does not fit all and that each head of hair is different and comes with it’s own unique needs. Hair type, age, hormone and activity level are all factors in how your hair behaves. Someone with short, curly, fine hair who runs daily may want to put a different […]