Behind the Scenes – Sugar Body Polish

Organic sugar suspended in organic coconut oil sounds good enough to eat….and it is!  But here at Flourish Natural Body Care these  are the main ingredients in our delicious Sugar Body Polish.

Just what is Sugar Body Polish?  It’s an exfoliant and moisturizer all in one.  What is different about our sugar polish is that the organic coconut oil we use is solid at room temperature but melts on your skin. ( That means no slick layer of oil floating on the top of the jar needing to be mixed in to the rock hard sugar underneath.) Take a scoop and apply it to wet skin in the shower.  Keep rubbing and you will feel the sugar beginning to dissolve.  Keep rubbing all over from shoulders to toes and then rinse….

Organic cane sugar naturally contains glycolic acid which aids in the exfoliating process.  The sugar crystals themselves gently remove dry, flaky skin.   Coconut oil improves moisture and lipid content in the skin and seals in moisture.  Vegetable glycerin is a natural humectant drawing moisture (from your shower) into your skin.   All of these ingredients work together to reveal soft, refreshed,  healthy skin! Our essential oil blends add to the experience of either soothing, tingling or invigorating your skin.

Here are some other  Sugar Body Polish uses we have heard about from our Flourish fans:

  • Excellent for little ones who get chapped hands in the winter and don’t like to wash with soap or use crème.  Who wouldn’t love to soothe their hands with soft , melting sugar?  We must warn you-we have had many reports of entire jars being eaten.
  • Great for guys who work hard and have dirt trapped in the cracks of their very dry hands.
  • Also great for shaving with….don’t try that with a salt scrub!  (guys and girls)