Benefits of Clover for Skin and Hair

I was out in the field today searching for clover to start another infusion. Picking  wild clover is one of my favorite things to do. In our field and on the side hill are plentiful amounts of red clover, marshmallow and yarrow growing wild. I love searching for them and finding a whole patch. They’ve planted themselves there so it’s the perfect conditions for healthy, vigorous plants.


The herbs that we’ve chosen to include in our formulations may not be the most familiar…we’re not steeping calendula or lavender-there are lots of great companies doing that. We’re on a mission to reconnect with those lesser known herbs that hold powerful benefits for skin and hair care and would magnify the feeling created by our essential oil blends. Herbs that our local to our region and have been used for generations.


Clover is one of those powerful herbs. Consuming it in salads, beverages or teas will give you a huge nutritional boost of isoflavones,vitamins and minerals-especially vitamin C. In hair and body care it has a somewhat astringent quality to it. In traditional medicine adding red clover to cream or lotion promoted skin health and helped in the healing of skin issues (like excema and psoriasis)and wounds and burns.

In hair care it is recommended as a rinse since it is rich in isoflavones and promotes softness and lusture as well as scalp health. Including it in our hair care promotes a light and silky feeling to your hair.


You may be thinking that the clover will be the addition to our much loved Honey Blossom because clover and honey are a perfect pair. It’s true, the bees do love to feast on clover. But we have another perfect pairing in store for the Honey Blossom.We think Clover is a perfect pairing with our Lavender Mint essential oil blend….light and energetic yet soothing.


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