The Best Moisturizing Ingredients for Hair

What are the best moisturizing ingredients for hair? If your answer is a nutritious plant based oil, guess again. It’s a hard point to get across, but just as is the case with skin care, adding nourishing plant based oils alone to your hair care routine is not always the answer. Especially if your hair tends to be on the finer side or gets easily weighed down. Why is it that even when you use oils and lots of conditioners your hair can still seem dry or dehydrated? Like the oil is sitting on top and not really soaking in. Adding more oil only causes more heaviness because there is no hydration in oil. Oil will make your hair more flexible and pliable but it will not moisturize. If the hair shaft is already lacking moisture, a film of oil can become a barrier that keeps hydration out instead of in.

Water alone is also not the answer because when your hair is already compromised and feeling dull and fragile, getting more water inside the cuticle will make it worse. Healthy, strong hair naturally repels water. Normal and low-porosity hair repels is somewhat. Dehydrated hair is thirsty and takes on too much water too quickly causing the cuticle to swell on the inside and making hair more porous and easily breakable.

What you really need are film forming humectants from plant sources. Humectants attract moisture and actively keep a grip on it. Plants are amazing at moving and storing water through their leaves, stalk and roots. Some are even better than others. When they are applied to your hair it helps your hair resist dehydration. The film it forms helps to slow the evaporation of water out of your hair back into the air.

There are groups of plants that when you slice them ooze a clear slippery gel. Some of these are:
• aloe vera
• marshmallow root
• slippery elm
• nettle
• flax seed

Some processed plant material that gives the same slippery, coating effect are:
• honey
• guar gum (guar beans)
• xantham gum (corn)
• hydroxyethylcellulose (wood fibers)
• pectin (apples)
• carrageenan (seaweed)
• panthenol (vitamin B)
• proteins from plant sources (silk, wheat, quinoa, rice, etc)

Once this missing element has been added and your hair has a water attracting layer to it adding an oil element back is perfect for sealing the moisture inside. It’s the perfect combination to help keep your hair hydrated and flexible.

One of the first things that people notice about our shampoos is that their hair feels incredibly soft, tangle free and hydrated even before using conditioner. The secret is in the suspension we make before we even add the cleansers into the mix. We start a batch with our wildflower infusions and thickeners and let it completely hydrate. We do not add plant oils to our shampoo as many other brands do for several reasons.
• plant oils can be too heavy for people with fine hair and can easily be used as a pre-shampoo oil or a styling oil if needed.
• the base we create for our shampoo contains humectants, vitamins and proteins that we want the hair shaft to absorb and be smoothed by. Adding oil to the mix creates too much tension between the barrier created by the oil and the cleansing effect and the other beneficial ingredients don’t get fully absorbed as explained above.
Our conditioners and styling products allow you to continue to lightly layer beneficial ingredients for smoothing, shining and styling your hair as needed for your hair type. We think that is the perfect combination.

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