It’s My Birthday, So All Weekend Long…

Technically, my birthday falls on a Monday this year. But weekends are so much more fun!  And this year while I am taking the weekend off having fun with my family I want for you to have fun too!

Whether you’ve been ordering Flourish for years or are just thinking of trying us out, we’re giving you 3 Great Reasons to stock up on your favorite hair and body care right now:

Double Points&Rewards: Did you know that you can always shop as an anonymous guest in our online store, but when you set up an account you can accrue points towards future purchases? The points are good for 90 days and we will even send you a reminder email so you use them before they are set to expire. All weekend long we are doubling the amount of points that get deposited into your account-the more you purchase the more you accrue for next time!

Deluxe Sized Samples: Did you know that we always include samples inside every order we send out? It’s the best way we know of to help you find a new favorite. There are some products we make that are super precious, like our GingerElixir+Arnica Oil, that we only offer samples of on special occasions-like now. This weekend we are also upgrading all of our Sugar Polish samples from a .5 oz to a 2 oz jar! That is what we mean by deluxe!

Special Requests: When sending out samples, we choose them for you from an assortment we have on hand. This weekend, we are taking special requests. Have you wanted to try the Deep Conditioning Masque? Curious about the difference in texture between the body creme and the body lotion? Just put a note in the comments section about your request and we will do our best to make it happen!

Here is the fine print: DoubleRewards is your coupon code to double your points-no other coupons will apply. Deluxe Samples happen automatically and Special Requests go in the comments section. This promotion will end Monday, August 1st.

ps…if you haven’t signed up for our newsletter yet, here are 2 reasons why you should:

1)Our subscribers are always the first to know about special promotions, new product launches etc.

2)When you sign up, you are entered in a drawing to win a $50 Flourish Gift Card-next winner announced August 1st!

So go here to keep in touch!

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