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Give your dry, itchy scalp a boost!

By now you know how much we love exfoliation! Sugar polish is our favorite solution for removing rough, dry and itchy skin that can prevent moisturizers from doing their job. But what is the answer when your hair+scalp is suffering from the same issue? The first thing you have to figure out is: Is your […]

The Best Moisturizing Ingredients for Hair

What are the best moisturizing ingredients for hair? If your answer is a nutritious plant based oil, guess again. It’s a hard point to get across, but just as is the case with skin care, adding nourishing plant based oils alone to your hair care routine is not always the answer. Especially if your hair […]

Our Mists Help Smooth, Soothe and Style-Silicone Free!

Parched indoor air, frigid outdoor temps, hats and scarves creating friction and all the static that builds up can really take it’s toll on your hair. Dry hair happens when it can’t retain enough moisture so it begins to look brittle and dull. The cuticle is open and the structure is deteriorated so it tends […]