Conscious Hair & Skincare


Our hair & skincare is for the sophisticated purist who wants to consciously choose products that are made with integrity and beautifully layered with aromatherapy, organic ingredients and wildflower infusions.

We feel very confident in saying that purity is our reason for being. When you are a purist, you go the extra mile to hold something to a standard.

With all of our formulations we follow three guiding principals:

Aromatherapy-each of our scents has a feeling behind it. It creates a certain mood and color which is reflected in our label. While you may find a favorite scent that you stick with, many people switch scents with the seasons or even the time of day.

Organic Ingredients-every oil or butter we use for our formulas has been grown organically. The cleansers, emulsifiers and preservatives we use follow Ecocert* guidelines and they have been processed in a laboratory so that they are the same consistency every time. They are no longer organic due to the processing-but that doesn’t make them bad for you.

Wildflower Infusions-the most unique aspect of our line! We recognized that certain plants growing in our gardens had the same qualities as our essential oil blends. So we consulted with an herbalist and added a whole other layer of plant energy to our formulas. We harvest these plants from our garden, find them in the field or buy them from neighboring farms.

We are passionate about formulating products for:

People who have sensitivities to scents, nut oils, harsh preservatives (phenoxyethanol & parabens), silicones, coco betaine and other high sensitivity cleansers, petrochemicals, PEG, artificial colors & scents.

People who appreciate the basics of body oils and balms but also want to include nourishing lotions and crèmes in their skin care.

People who’ve tried no poo or co-washing to avoid harmful shampoo ingredients but deep down, really love a good sudsy shampoo and styling products for gorgeous hair.

We are very confident in saying that purity is our reason for being. If you’ve had experiences like those mentioned above, we’d love for you to give us a try.

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