How to get the Most out of our Hair and Body Care

We want to share some tried and true tips so that you get the best results.

For Hair:

Create your own hair ritual.

Your hair and your lifestyle are different than everyone else’s. So lets find out what works for you.

The Wash.


Whether you shampoo daily or skip days in between we want to be sure that our cleansers do the best possible job. We are big fans of the Lather.Rinse.Repeat method when needed. We recognize this easily when it comes to our skin and some days it just may be what your hair is calling for too. We promise that our gentle formula will never over-dry your hair.



Whether you air dry or blow dry and heat style, the goal for our styling products is healthy hair, not stiff style. Our mists, crèmes and serums can be used on wet or dry hair as well as for refreshing. Play around to find what works for you.

For Skin:

Hand & Body Wash.


Gentle is the word here. Sometimes, you may need to wash more than others (hands in cold&flu season or training for a marathon)but your skin should always feel clean and soft and smell beautiful.

The Primer.


Our sugar polish really does double duty. It removes dry, flaky skin (it’s there no matter how much you moisturize)allowing your moisturizer to absorb better, but it acts as a moisturizer itself as you are rinsing in the shower. Want amazing skin? Don’t skip this step!

The Light Treatment.


Our lotions are all formulated with fractionated & organic coconut oil and jojoba along with our beautiful wildflower infusions and they give a lovely, light hydration to your skin-with the added bonus of an aromatherapy pick me up.

Rich and Velvety.


Our crèmes drench your skin with organic cocoa butter which is high in anti-oxidants and nourishing for skin exposed to the elements. Soothes thirsty skin.

Our hair & skincare is for the sophisticated purist who wants to consciously choose products that are made with integrity and beautifully layered with aromatherapy, organic ingredients and wildflower infusions.

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