Give your dry, itchy scalp a boost!

By now you know how much we love exfoliation! Sugar polish is our favorite solution for removing rough, dry and itchy skin that can prevent moisturizers from doing their job.

But what is the answer when your hair+scalp is suffering from the same issue?

The first thing you have to figure out is:

Is your scalp flaky because it’s really dry?

Or is the issue more a buildup of hard water minerals and /or product or even over producing oil glands?

If your problem is more of the gunky buildup variety, then acidic exfoliation is the best resolution. Gunky buildup happens when your perfectly wonderful shampoo stops doing such a great job of removing excess oil, styling products, etc. from your hair. Most natural shampoos do not contain a chelant that scavenges the minerals in your water-and since the water tables are always changing, this type of buildup can take us by surprise or be a chronic issue. You might think a vinegar rinse would be the answer (it works on your coffeemaker), but your hair is porous and delicate. So while a vinegar rinse is great for making your hair shiny and softer, over time it can make your hair brittle, especially if it’s not diluted properly. No thank you! 

Our Shampoo Booster is a dry, powdered masque that you add to your shampoo and apply to wet hair. Because it contains citric crystals it makes the resulting foam solution more acidic than shampoo alone. Plus citric acid scavenges hard water minerals as well as removes other types of buildup (yay!). This has been a game changer for so many people and is one of our faves. We highly recommend it to reset, clarify, and add shine.

For super dry, itchy scalp adding a Pre-Shampoo Treatment to your hair care routine can be really beneficial. It’s even better if the oil has been infused with botanicals targeted to help promote healthy scalp and hair growth. Applying a light layer of oil as a Pre-Shampoo Treatment, like our Healthy Hair and Scalp Oil, will loosen dead skin, soothe+lubricate the scalp, and make your hair shiny+flexible. It works on the principle of oil pulling oil and can help bring your scalp back into balance. You can experiment to see if shampooing once works to remove extra oil after your Pre-Shampoo Treatment or if you need to double shampoo. 

That’s all part of the fun—finding a routine that works well for you and your hair!

How do you incorporate exfoliation into your routine? Do you have a favorite pre-shampoo treatment? What concerns you most right now about your hair? Let us know in the comments!



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