Why It’s Important to Switch Over to a Non-Toxic Shampoo

Why Is it Important to Switch Over to a Non-Toxic Shampoo? During a shower, the warmth of the water changes the permeability of our skin. The steam changes the quality of the air we’re breathing in.

Our skin does an amazing job of protecting and filtering for us. It even has the ability to vary in thickness on different parts of the body. The thinnest and most delicate parts are our eyelids, but also the scalp, face, neck, underarms, stomach and inner thighs. When you add the element of warmth-as in a hot shower-what does that do to the permeability of our delicate scalp & skin?

Contrary to popular opinion, your skin doesn’t absorb “everything in 6 seconds or less”. It acts like a filter. But why work against it? Science has concrete studies showing toxic chemicals found in our blood, internal organs and breastmilk. These ingredients do accumulate. Common conventional shampoo ingredients like sodium lauryl sulfate (still found in 90% of conventional shampoos!), parabens, propylene glycol and other sensitizing ingredients like fragrance not only harms your hair and scalp but your entire body.

Other common ingredients like silicones were made to repel water which means that they don’t really wash out of your hair-they build up-and when they go down the drain they don’t dissolvethey contaminate the water supply and harm aquatic life.

A huge part of the issue between conventional and organic shampoos is the residue from conventional ingredients. It builds up in humans and the environment. The fact that it is only being included in small amounts in the final product doesn’t make it beneficial in any way. Many people smoke cigarettes and never personally experience a serious decline in their health but there is no denying that it is a toxic practice to themselves and others in the form of secondhand smoke.

Organic and non toxic shampoos are made from ingredients that are easily biodegradable and gentle for skin and hair. The other big benefits of organic shampoo is that they are actually beneficial for hair and scalp concentrating on plant ingredients that your body recognizes like botanical extracts, pure pressed plant oils, essential oils, and vitamins and minerals. This stimulates your follicles to produce their own oil which results in shiny, glossy hair that is actually healthywith no harmful side effects to the rest of your anatomy-or the environment.

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