What Are You Looking For In an Organic Shampoo?

For some people, “organic” or “natural” shampoos have been their last product holdout on their Green Beauty journey. What motivates you to try different brands of “natural” or “organic” shampoos?

Is it that you struggle with dry scalp and hair? That you feel that maybe your shampoo gets overzealous while cleansing and causes your scalp to itch or your hair to lose shine and become dry/damaged? Or that you have tried other natural shampoos and felt that they just didn’t clean enough, leaving your hair limp and ready for another wash?

Well, we want you to know that our shampoos are GOOD for healthy scalp and hair.

In many cases, with other shampoos, the balance of cleansers can be wrong which causes dryness to the scalp and hair or the cleansers themselves can cause reactions like itching or rashes. Cocomidapropyl betaine is an example of an ingredient in many natural shampoos and body washes that is a known skin sensitizer. We never use it. Another thing that can cause heaviness and buildup are cleansers that have too much glycerin left after processing like Glyceryl Caprylate Caprate. They never rinse well and leave a residue that coats and irritates the scalp and makes the hair heavy.

We’ve chosen two Ecocert appoved cleansers that  work incredibly well together. Decyl Glucoside is the cleanser of choice for many products in the green beauty world. It is very mild and recommended for baby care formulas. It doesn’t lather tremendously well, so we’ve added sodium lauryl sulfoacetate to work with it. Sounds scary, right? But it is another Ecocert cleanser that is a great foamer, very rinseable/low residue and recommended for those who are too sensitive for soap. So our cleansers work well together while remaining gentle, foam and lather during the wash,  and then rinse away clean.

Is it that you want something made from ingredients that you can feel good about? Truly CLEAN ingredients that are gentle to your skin but also don’t damage the environment?

On top of being super gentle to your skin and hair, our cleansers are rinseable and biodegradable. Why is this important? Because many shampoos and styling products contain silicones. For a long time silicones were looked upon as benign because they are not “huge” sensitizers to people’s skin. So people started to rely on them to fight frizz, give slip and generally coat the hair (similar to saran wrap) and skin. Because they are made from petrochemicals-originally developed to lubricate engines and machines,  they never degrade and they are seriously polluting our water. Over time, silicones smother the hair and make it brittle-and offer zero nutritional value to the overall health of your hair and skin.

Are you looking to have an experience? Something with FUN scents and fresh wildflowers that will delight your senses?

Nothing makes us happier when people write to tell us how many compliments they get on how their hair smells! And also when people write to tell us how much they appreciate how delicate and real the scents are. That they have been sensitive to scents for years and are so happy to find something different that will work for them. You should be in love with your hair-the smell of it, the feel of it and the whole process of taking care of it!

GOOD. CLEAN. FUN. That’s what we are all about!

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