When you bring your clean, empty container into the store and refill it we will give you a punch card for that product. You refill that product 4 times, and the 5th refill is FREE. To get you started and to celebrate #plasticfreejuly, we are offering the first refill FREE between July 24-29th.

If you would like to participate by mail and get your first refill free simply:
Mail your clean, empty containers back to this address:

Flourish Organic Hair+SkinCare
4 North Main Street
White River Junction, VT 05001

If you are mailing empty plastic bottles, tyvek envelopes are fine and least expensive via USPS (less than $2). If you are mailing glass to be refilled it must be wrapped and cushioned properly in a sturdy box.
Each package must contain your name, address, email and list of items in the box for refill. This will help us to keep track of what we have received and reduce the chance of mixups.
We will give you the first refill free and any another items you’d like refilled we will send you a PayPal invoice for the balance + return postage. Plus we will include a selection from our MiniBar as our gift to you for doing good!

2 thoughts on “#PlasticFreeJuly

    • kirsten says:

      Hi Carrie,
      Are you asking if the 64 oz container qualifies for the first Free Refill-by mail? Unfortunately, we are only doing the regular 2 oz and 8 oz containers for free. It’s really meant as a kick off/incentive to get people in the habit of continuously refilling their containers.
      As we get in the swing of things and figuring out how much stock to keep on hand we will be able to offer this as a Refill option in the store. It will always work that the first 4 fills (of one product type)are at the regular price and the 5th will be free. We are doing the Refill by mail option ONLY for this week as a pilot program to see if it is something that will be manageable.
      We are also working to add larger sizes to the website-some are already available in the store.
      Thanks for your question. I hope this helps!


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