Rosewood Infusion – Deep Conditioning Creme

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    Hair needs moisture to stay healthy and beautiful. Humectant plant extracts plus our mineral rich horsetail infusion deliver smoothness, luster and damage repair. Nutritious oils seal the goodness in. Within the first few uses soft, shiny hair is restored. Protein free to avoid brittleness and buildup that can occur with overexposure. Comes in 3.5 oz. container.

    • aloe leaf juice, glycerin, vitamin B+CoQ10 draw moisture and gently coat the hair
    • organic jojoba, fractionated coconut and olive wax seal the goodness in
    • wildcrafted horsetail is high in silica and mineral content, working to repair damaged hair

    Directions for use: Apply to clean, damp hair and comb through. Twist up while showering. Rinse out after 10 minutes or leave on overnight. For Light Conditioning rinse immediately after applying.