Sugar Body- What?

Sugar body what?   Suprisingly, we get this question a lot!

Sure, there are many sugar polish addicts out there who know just what to do with this jar of deliciousness but it seems that many of you are missing out on a skin changing experience and we want to help you out!

While we are not big fans of sugar in our food (except our Maple Syrup or honey) we have done the research and know that sugar does have some benefits for your skin.

~sugar is a natural humectant, which means it draws water to itself. (Think of the bag of brown sugar you are saving for that baking project which turned hard as a rock from absorbing moisture in the air.) This process helps to hydrate by retaining moisture.

~sugar contains glycolic acid-an Alpha Hydroxy Acid which penetrates the skin and basically breaks down the bond that holds skin cells together which encourages exfoliation of layers of skin.

~the tiny sugar grains make an excellent gentle topical exfoliant and they come in lots of size variations which allows for more or less exfoliating action

What is Our Sugary Body Polish?

In a nutshell, our Sugar Body Polish is organic sugar (a blend of different sized grains) that is suspended in organic coconut oil. We also add some glycerin (another natural humectant) and organic sunflower oil along with our amazing essential oil blends. What makes our sugar polish so amazing is that it is solid at room temperature but melts on contact with your skin (so it is not going to drip all over the floor of your shower). First, hop in the shower and get your skin wet. Then scoop out a bit of polish and apply it all over your skin. As you rub, the tiny grains are sloughing off all the bits of dullness and dry flaky skin.   The coconut oil seals in moisture and it is the perfect light, velvety consistency. You can see your skin is glowing and fresh and plumped up. The water from the shower beads up lightly all over you. Pat dry with your towel and feel (and smell) your newly refreshed skin.

Repeat the polishing process twice a week to keep your skin hydrated, exfoliated, and rejuvenated.

Pair it with our Body Lotion. Its made with organic aloe and coconut oil to keep feeding your skin with that light coconut oil goodness which you can read about here (link to cocoa coconut article)

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  1. Kim J says:

    Hi Kirsten! This is Barb’s friend Kim. I met you last time you visited her. Hope all is well! Ordering scrub for my Dad for Father’s Day!! Hope to see you next time!

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