Sugar Polish vs. Dry brushing

We just can’t say it enough. Exfoliation is the key to beautiful skin. The turnover of new skin cells is tremendous and the more help you give to removing the top layer the more glowing and flexible your skin will be.

I created our Sugar Body Polish to be the perfect solution to exfoliating and moisturizing in one easy treatment, but there is only so much a good scrub can do. The sugar grains are suspended in a coconut oil base with a bit of glycerin which draws moisture in. It works perfectly to gently loosen dead skin flakes and polish them off. The coconut oil, glycerin and essential oils create a moisture barrier locking in the water you’re rinsing with and plumping up your freshly revealed skin. It’s delicate and effective for all skin types.

But there is something else you can do-something much more intense. Get yourself a good quality, natural bristle brush and dry brush your skin every day. The benefits are amazing! Its like the difference between a lovely 15 minute chair massage and a one hour deep tissue body work treatment. You will feel the warming glow and the tissues under the skin responding.

The benefits:

  1. exfoliates dead skin
  2. stimulates the lymph system which is responsible for removing toxins
  3. reduces the appearance of cellulite by breaking down trapped toxins
  4. unclogs pores and decongests skin
  5. awakens and activates the tissues lying just under the skin

The technique:

  • use a good quality, natural bristle brush. I like to spray mine with a mist of essential oils such as lemon, juniper or grapefruit (anti-bacterial and enhances the detox benefits). I really like the Japanese style sauna brush.
  • stand in the tub or on tile (you will be exfoliating skin flakes)
  • begin at your feet and work in long strokes towards your heart (same as massage) also work in sweeping strokes and half circles
  • be gentle in sensitive areas-your skin will become more accustomed to this treatment and actually begin to crave it
  • rinse off in a warm and cool shower alternating the varying temperatures
  • use your favorite sugar polish to remove any lingering flakes and to lock in the moisture (I save my favorite lotion for later in the day!)


2 thoughts on “Sugar Polish vs. Dry brushing

  1. Marlene Dolak says:

    I’m so happy to have read the brushing blog and exfoliating. I’m going to search now for the perfect brush and try it. Any suggestions of where to get a good brush.

    • kirsten says:

      Hi Marlene!
      I’m going to search for you. I bought 3 when I found the good ones but I need a new one too. I’ll let you know!

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