Summer Hair Care Tips for Sun, Swimming, Wind and Humidity

With summer in full swing we are all spending more time outdoors whether it’s a day at the beach, swimming at the pool or hours on the golf course or park or a week spent at a tropical get away. The sun, wind and humidity can all take a toll on our hair if we are not paying attention. The good news is that with a few simple steps and a good mix of products you can keep your hair happy and healthy all summer long.

The Sun. We all know about the dangers of sun exposure to our skin and take plenty of precautions to protect ourselves with sun screen, but what about our hair? Everyone has seen the sun lightening that occurs from lots of time in the sun-and for some people this is even a desirable effect. But the truth is that sun created ‘highlights’ is the evidence that the pigment is being destroyed by UV oxidation. Too much exposure can dead to dry, brittle hair with a rough texture.
Best solution: If you are going to be in the sun, especially if you color your hair, wear a hat for at least part of the time to give your hair some relief.  A conditioning mist will give your hair some protection, but if it doesn’t contain UV protection,  the solar rays will still get through to oxidize. After exposure be sure to give your hair some extra nourishment  with either a deep conditioning treatment or some extra sprays of a conditioning mist to soothe stressed hair-just as you would sunburned skin.

Swimming.  As far as your hair is concerned, all water is not created equal. Swimming in lakes or rivers is pretty neutral as far as your hair goes. But pools and salt water have elements to them-specifically chlorine and salt -that can be drying and damaging and even color changing.
Best solution: Your hair is most vulnerable when it goes from dry to wet. So wet your hair with clean water from either a poolside/beachside shower or drench it with a bottle of water you’ve brought with you. Now spritz with a conditioning mist to give light coverage to your hair which will keep it from being  thirsty and soaking in the chlorinated or salty water. When you are done with your swim rinse your hair with clean water again and give another little spritz to detangle and smooth.

Wind.  Sitting at the beach feeling the breeze blow off the ocean or having  the wind whip through your hair on the back of a motorcycle feels amazing and energizing. But it leads to tangles and knots and frizz and breakage. When hair gets whipped around and blown the wrong way it creates stress and roughens the cuticle.
Best solution: A hat as a physical barrier or putting your hair up will work to keep it protected. But if it’s been roughed up, smooth it with a conditioning mist. A conditioning masque may be needed as well.

Humidity.  Not your hair’s best friend.  Causes intense frizz and stickiness and makes it hard for anyone to have a good hair day.  It creates hair that wants to do it’s own thing.
Best solution: Concentrated serums or cremes on top of a conditioning mist. The mist will help your hair relax overall and the serum or crème lets you spot treat specific areas-a strand that won’t behave, grey pieces  that are poking up and looking frizzy, or maybe you are trying to get your bangs to stay  in a sleek fall to the side. These products give targeted results and you can use them on wet or dry hair and even reapply as the day goes on.

Stopping the damage and protecting and nourishing your hair all summer long will give you the best results so  you can feel happy about the look, feel and texture of your hair.

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