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Our Seasonal Scent for Fall

sugar polish cocoa spiceCocoa Spice


We highlight seasonally relevant treatments so you can refresh your offerings throughout the year according to seasons and customer tastes.



Upcoming Scents for Fall/Winter

 ginger blossom

         Ginger Elixir           &           Honey Blossom

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Build staff expertise through our on site or webinar trainings. Free product and incentive programs train your personnel in communicating about Flourish’s product line.

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Customer Service

Beyond our on-site trainings, we’re available by phone (802-457-4208) or email to answer any questions you or your clients may have about products.

A Professional, Cost-Effect Line

Reduce treatment costs with concentrated, effective products. Measuring scoops provided.



Accrue rewards to use on samples, marketing materials, and posters to help with in-store marketing

Social Responsibility

Supporting our commitment to organic and EcoCert ingredients, small Vermont farms and beekeepers, and eco-friendly packaging.