Wildflowers From Our Farm

Why have we chosen to include wildflowers in our formulas? Before exotic ingredients could be shipped to every corner of the world, people in every culture used traditional, local plants to support their health and their emotions.

Aloe vera is now commonly available to all of us. But centuries ago, if you lived at the edge of a meadow you would harvest marshmallow root to use for chapped skin and to soothe stomach upset. There was a common knowledge of local plants and their many uses for skin, health, nutrition and the feeling they imparted.

While there are countless exquisitely beautiful cultivated plants like rose and jasmine, there is something strong and free about wildflowers because they literally bloom where they plant themselves and require no care. They have a very giving nature, feeding countless bees and butterflies and the people who know how to use them.

Rather than purchase preserved infusions that have been stored in a warehouse, we’ve made pairings of our multi-layered scents and the Vermont wildflowers we harvest from our farm and fields. Our process uses glycerin, which is sterile and a wonderful emollient for both skin and hair. We start the process when the flowers are still quite fresh so much of their energy is transferred to the glycerin carrier. This differs from the process of completely drying the flowers and then immersing them in plant oils, which we do with our arnica flowers, with horsetail, and with vanilla beans and lavender buds for our body oils, hair oils and lip balm. The glycerin process allows us to create highly energized infusions that can be used in water based products like shampoos, conditioners, lotions and washes.

We’ve paired these special infusions with our aromatherapy blends to really magnify the feeling they create, gentle, energetic, strong. Whatever your mood, chances are there is a wildflower that matches.

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